Jeremy Mitchell speaks to Tennessee Black Caucus

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Last week, our CEO & Founder, Jeremy Mitchell, had the pleasure of speaking before the Tennessee Black Caucus. He gave a brief synopsis of the company, educational information on web and app development, functionality, and his findings on how these aspects of IT could improve their legislative body.

In his speech, Mr. Mitchell made paramount the benefits of incorporating a stronger web presence for the Black Caucus and each of their respective members’ campaigns. He further elaborated on related topics: providing statistics on cost-effective advertising, analysis of consumer behavior, announcing of initiatives, and the creation of content in order to deliver information to the public. He also spoke of how reports obtained from various analytic tools could help the state representatives easily survey the concerns of their supporters and what issues interest them most. There was a brief overview of responsive design and how workflow tools, SEO and staying ahead of the trend aids in a stronger web presence. As tablet sales echo the wild exuberance of smartphones in their early years, responsive design is key to keeping up and staying ahead of your competitors while capturing a larger market or audience. Content consumption on mobile devices will only continue to balloon as the years progress thus opening the market for those who are ready.

Jeremy then shifted the topic to app development and how this tool will easily increase the level of accessibility of information for the citizens of Tennessee while deftly capturing the younger demographic. The key findings from his research was that government organizations need to treat content differently for different platforms, in order to appeal to the younger generation. Forty-three percent (43%) of those under 35 years old agreed that, although there is much news around, they still don’t feel they clearly understand most issues.

To achieve this, Jeremy stated that he sees a possibility of increasing the amount of information available, in a more optimized package, which would cause an upswing of younger supporters, who will be more informed and proving to be effective in furthering campaigns.

There are more photos from the event, below:

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